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Are You Prepared?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2019 | Elder Law, Estate Planning |

Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives, and it continues to do so every day. From real estate, to law, to finance, online tools have made it not only appealing but deceptively easy for us to think we can do everything ourselves and don’t need to talk with an expert in the field.

How many of you would represent yourselves in court? How many would choose to buy a house or a business without at least meeting with an expert to receive basic guidance first? How many of you would perform surgery on yourself?

Within elder law and estate planning, there are numerous issues to solve and decisions to make. These include taking into account your medical needs and wishes, perhaps determining your Medicaid eligibility, considering your religious requirements, deciding who will care for children and grandchildren (both their person and property), special needs protections, financial protections, real estate distributions and ownership, and so much more. Each of these topics, among a myriad of others would be discussed and resolved between you and your attorney.

Are you prepared to do it all on your own?

A professional elder law and estate planning attorney helps their clients to navigate all of these fields and guides their clients as they make difficult decisions. A professional will also assist in executing the terms of the estate documents, and protecting the interests of their clients when needed. While it’s not a common problem, there are instances when families just cannot agree and a court will be asked to examine the estate documents and make a ruling.

Having an attorney on your side who knows the laws, and how to navigate them, would be to your benefit in such an occurrence. An online service may not necessarily give you the same protections or level of service that an elder law and estate planning attorney, with their feet on the ground, and their presence by your side, will be able to provide.

In addition, the online tools available may not be able to account for all of your family’s needs. There are so many items to document and think over when planning your estate that it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks when trying to do it all yourself. While every family won’t need every tool in the toolbox, there are still many details that are common to all: medical needs, powers of attorney, and asset distributions: both tangible and intangible.

Even if your estate isn’t a complicated or large one, that doesn’t mean an elder law and estate planning attorney won’t be able to help you-it simply means that your needs are different from the needs of another client with a different type of estate.

Competent elder law and estate planning attorneys continually learn and expand their knowledge of their practice through seminars, workshops, continuing education, conferences, and staying updated on changing laws and regulations in their state and county.

It may not be the wisest decision to entrust your family’s future and wellbeing to an online planning service or someone who doesn’t specialize in elder law and estate planning and who may not be aware of all the intricacies involved. Talk to an elder law and estate planning attorney whom you can trust and who will answer your questions, and trust your future to someone who cares.