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Estate Planning

Demands for Wills Surged During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a rise in estate planning, and yet too many Americans still aren’t planning ahead.   In the spring of 2020, news reports were rife with stories of advisors experiencing a surge in demand for wills and estate planning. Power of attorney...

When to Sell Your Parents’ Home

What are the tax consequences of selling the family home? When should you sell your parents’ or grandparents’ home? This is an enormous decision and may come with added stress, anxiety, and grief, especially if you or your parents have an emotional connection to the...

Court OK’s Prenup-Turned-Post-nup

Prenuptial agreements are a useful way for a soon-to-be-married couple to protect assets they are bringing into a marriage. Essentially, these are contracts that lay out exactly what each spouse is entitled to (and obligated to do) in the event of a divorce. If you...

When the Family Home Needs to Sell

When a parent enters into assisted living or a nursing home, their home is often sold in order to facilitate the new living arrangements. It an unfortunate reality, and has been for some time now, that elderly care such as assisted living, memory care, and nursing...

Don’t Forget to Fund Your Trust

Many people choose to create trusts as part of their estate plans, and there are many benefits to using a trust, such as increased privacy and more flexibility, as well as provisions in place for family members who have special needs or who need a spendthrift...