Implement The Appropriate Emergency Plan For You And Your Family

Last updated on March 27, 2024

Are you, a loved one or a friend seeking emergency estate planning due to a severe accident or unexpected decline in your health?

For facts and solid guidance about any facet of emergency planning – including wills, trusts and legal guardianships – speak with our experienced Rockville and Columbia emergency planning lawyers at Simpson Law, PA.

Simpson Law, PA, was founded to provide a comprehensive, compassionate and convenient way for people from all walks of life to obtain vitally necessary estate planning services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Our lead attorney, Suzanne B. Simpson,  has deftly handled various emergency estate planning services for clients in the U.S. and abroad since 1991. She brings “of counsel” attorneys on board who assist with swift preparation and execution of all documents that can put your emergency plan in place – durable powers of attorney, a living will, health care directive and appointment of a guardian for minor children.

What Types Of Emergencies Should Your Estate Plan Account For?

Including an emergency plan in your estate plan is crucial if you’re worried about:

  • Being diagnosed with a fatal or life-threatening illness.
  • You are concerned about being unable to reach family members or loved ones during a crisis.
  • Finding yourself in a critical or life-threatening accident.

These situations are often unpredictable. You may never experience them, or they could turn your life upside down overnight. Including an emergency plan in your estate plan can give the loved ones responsible for caring for you in an emergency clear guidance on what they should do if you pass or become incapacitated. Creating one of these plans can feel overwhelming; let us assist you. Call us at 301-658-7951 to begin work on yours today.

Seek Experienced Counsel For Your Emergency Estate Planning Needs

Whatever your age, financial situation or size of your estate, you may find yourself in a sudden crisis situation that requires emergency planning. An accident or severe illness could place your life in jeopardy in a short amount of time.

Our Maryland estate planning attorneys at Simpson Law, PA, provide poise, sound advice and attentive one-on-one personal service during emergency situations. We listens carefully to your goals and can customize our representation on short notice to address your wishes and complete an emergency plan in your best interests.

Don’t ignore the need to protect your estate from taxes. Don’t leave your children to fight over your estate without a will. Simpson Law, PA, can create an emergency estate plan that resolves these issues and your immediate needs. Contact us for an initial consultation. Call 301-658-7951 or send an email message.