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Last updated on March 4, 2024

During the probate legal process, a deceased person’s assets and property are transferred to relatives, family members, friends, acquaintances and charities.

For probating of wills and mediation of estates in the absence of a will, our experienced estate planning and probate administration lawyers at Simpson Law, PA can put your legal crisis behind you with hard work and personal service in Montgomery and Howard counties.

Simpson Law, PA, offers a full range of probate administration legal services designed to resolve potentially problematic estate issues swiftly and efficiently.

Suzanne B. Simpson is a trained mediator who strives to help your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C., family to prevent costly, lengthy probate litigation. If a dispute can only be resolved in the courtroom, Attorney Simpson will access a skilled litigator who can help you.

How Does Probate Work? 

There can be some variation in the rules surrounding probate in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Here is a breakdown of how the process generally works:

  1. Filing the petition: You typically initiate the probate process by bringing the will into probate court. The court may ask you to appoint an executor if there is a will. The court may appoint an estate administrator if there’s no executor.
  2. Notifying the beneficiaries/creditors: After a petition is made, anyone who may have an interest in the estate, whether that be beneficiaries or creditors looking to collect debt, is notified of the probate through a formal notice.
  3. Executor or administrator is appointed: After the notifications are sent out, the named executor or an administrator chosen by the court oversees the estate during the process.
  4. Hand assets/pay debts: Once what is owed to who is established, the executor or administrator of the estate can appropriately distribute assets to beneficiaries and pay debts to creditors.

Other steps can be involved if any beneficiaries or creditors disagree with the distribution of assets and debts. For more detailed information about probate, contact us at 301-658-7951.

Simpson Law, PA – Quality, Experienced Probate Legal Services

We personally attend to all aspects of your family’s probate administration process, such as:

  • Advising a personal representative of all duties or acting as a personal representative
  • Filing of documentation and issuance of notifications to beneficiaries and creditors
  • A thorough inventory of an estate’s assets and debts
  • Expediting location of, or title to, various assets
  • Filing of tax returns
  • Assistance with the distribution of assets
  • Filing of final documents with the court

We understand that probate can be confusing and overwhelming for many people. While she is experienced and handling all of the technical elements of probate, she can also offer compassionate reassurance as you maneuver it and address any questions or concerns you have. Whether you address them by text, phone or email, we will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

You Don’t Have To Navigate Probate Alone – Call Today.

Simpson Law, PA, in Spencerville, has positively impacted many lives since Attorney Simpson began the practice in 2003. Contact our Rockville probate administration attorneys at 301-658-7951 or by email for an initial consultation at our law office. We can accommodate your needs if you need to schedule an appointment during nontraditional business hours.