Caring And Compassionate Guidance For Creating Special/Supplemental Needs Trusts

Last updated on March 27, 2024

People with developmental disabilities may not benefit from traditional estate planning instruments like wills or basic trusts. A special needs trust, however, can help ensure they’re cared for once their guardians die or become incapacitated. An experienced attorney who dispenses knowledgeable advice and guidance for proactive planning can provide maximum protection for your vulnerable loved ones.

Our Montgomery and Howard County estate planning and asset protection lawyers can wisely advise you on a variety of trusts – including vulnerable adults, children who need extensive care, those receiving Social Security benefits or those who are suffering from addiction.

Since 2003, our special/supplemental needs trusts attorney Suzanne B. Simpson, has made a positive difference in the lives of many individuals, couples and families whose top priority is quality care for those they love most. She can craft a special/supplemental needs trust tailored to your unique needs and administer it when the time comes.

For instance, a trust can be created that allows others to contribute. A trustee can be selected who oversees a special needs person’s care and adheres to all guidelines. A trust can also be funded to protect a child or senior loved one from fraud.

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Comprehensive, Compassionate, Convenient Representation From Simpson Law, PA

Parents have a right to be concerned about what will happen when they are no longer able to care for a child or elder with special needs. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid can meet basic needs, but only if he or she is eligible. The lack of proper planning can disqualify him or her from being able to receive public money. Our team assists with special needs trusts that offer necessary support while preserving access to public benefits.

If you wonder where your child or elderly relative will live and make ends meet, and who will assume responsibility for their care and attention, our lawyer, Suzanne B. Simpson, can direct you to solutions that bring peace of mind.

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