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Attorney Suzanne B. Simpson founded our firm. She has spent the last 20-plus years of her career helping people with their estate planning matters. Her diligence and compassionate approach have allowed her to effectively assist her clients with every challenge, change, roadblock or setback they encounter during their estate planning journey.

How Attorney Simpson Got Her Start

While she’s the lead attorney at Simpson Law, PA, Attorney Simpson started her law career well before she founded her firm. Since 1991, she’s worked as an attorney at other firms specializing in divorce law and estate planning. Once she became a parent, she taught other moms in her mom’s group the basics of creating estate plans, drafting wills and starting trusts. At that moment, she realized she wanted to start her own firm. In 2003, she established Simpson Law, PA, where nearly all her work is focused on helping people protect their legacies and safeguard their families.

Estate Planning Matters We Can Help You With

Whether you’re creating, modifying or adjusting your estate plan, Simpson Law, PA can assist you with the following:

Alongside estate planning matters, we can also help you draft and modify premarital agreements.

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Navigating the estate planning challenges can sometimes be overwhelming, no matter what part of the process you’re in. Our firm can work directly with you to ease your worries and help you confidently navigate your challenges. There’s a reason why families keep coming to us generation after generation.

Working with Simpson Law, PA can give you peace of mind as you maneuver the nuances and complexities of estate planning. Call our Spencerville firm today at 301-658-7951 or visit the contact page to schedule an initial consultation – we look forward to meeting and speaking with you.

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