Protect Your Loved Ones In Maryland Through A Guardianship

You cherish your loved ones and want what’s best for them. If they become ill or incapacitated in any way and don’t have a designated safety plan or haven’t designated a guardian for minor children in their Last Will and Testament and/or haven’t appointed an Agent for medical and financial powers of attorney, you may consider becoming their legal guardian to provide them with the care and protection they need. 

Our lead attorney, Suzanne B. Simpson, at Simpson Law, PA, can help you navigate the process of becoming a legal guardian. She’s been assisting people with these and similar matters in the DMV area since 2003. She brings multiple decades of experience to every case she handles.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Legal Guardian?

Your responsibilities would likely include:

  • Providing a stable home for the protected person.
  • Use the resources provided to ensure financial support for the protected person.
  • Managing the protected person’s finances, should they be unable to do it themselves.
  • Fulfilling the role of a parent if you are responsible for young children.
  • Making critical health care and financial decisions on behalf of the protected person.
  • Making critical decisions about the protected person’s education if the secure person is a child.
  • Making decisions that are within the best interests of the protected person.
  • Providing regular reports to the court on the status and well-being of the protected person.

To become a legal guardian, you will need to demonstrate that you can handle these responsibilities and act in a fiduciary manner. 

How Do You Apply To Become A Guardian?

Whether you want to become a guardian to a minor or vulnerable adult, you typically petition the court by providing information about yourself, stating why you want to become a guardian, and demonstrating your ability and capacity to handle guardianship responsibilities. Your ability to showcase your qualifications and explain how your guardianship is within the child or vulnerable adult’s best interests can strongly influence the court’s decision to appoint you as guardian. The court may also request testimonies from witnesses or others to evaluate your request.  

While applying for guardianship seems straightforward, you can face many challenges and obstacles. For example, you may run into an instance where a third party contests your request to become a guardian or the ward; the person under the guardianship contests the guardianship because they can’t make sound mental decisions due to their Alzheimer’s or dementia. We can help you address these complex challenges as they present themselves. 

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Caring for your loved one through becoming their legal guardian can provide them, and you, peace of mind. While obtaining guardianship can be bureaucratic and come with potential obstacles, you can rely on our experience, knowledge, and educated advice and guidance.

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