Create Your Marital Safety Net Before Tying The Knot

A marriage is a contract. To be realistic and ensure that your rights, assets and property are protected in divorce, you can consult our experienced Rockville and Columbia premarital agreements lawyers. For skilled assistance with your prenuptial agreement or separation agreement that draws exact distinctions between nonmarital and marital property division during your uncontested divorce, our legal team at Simpson Law, PA can help you safeguard your interests before, during and after your marriage.

Your unique situation will be handled from beginning to end by our firm founded in 2003 and strives to provide quality advice and counsel for our clients. We honestly answer your questions, discuss your needs and devise a specific plan crafted to meet your particular goals.

Simpson Law, PA, is based in Spencerville, Maryland, serving uncontested divorce and estate planning clients in Montgomery and Howard counties.

When Can Getting A Prenup Be A Good Idea?

Prenups can be particularly useful, especially when one or both partners have:

  • Children from a previous marriage
  • Real estate properties
  • A business
  • Student loan debt
  • Future inheritances from parents or grandparents
  • Significant investments/retirement accounts

It’s impossible to know what will happen throughout your marriage. A prenup can serve almost as a type of insurance in case you and your partner decide to go your separate ways. That way, both of you can easily find a sense of independence.

How We Can Help You Establish An Enforceable And Tailored Agreement

Couples preparing for marriage must consider the disposition of property, inheritances and assets. It can help to draft and enforce a legally sound prenuptial agreement to protect this property. It’s crucial to ensure the plans you make now can be legally enforceable in the future. By working with a team like ours, we can help you implement your marital agreement.

We can draft a suitable agreement for your situation. We emphasize critical financial issues before marriage, highlighting both parties’ expectations and enabling you to resolve areas of potential conflict.

Looking To Draft A Prenup Today? Call Simpson Law, PA.

At Simpson Law, PA, in Spencerville, our premarital agreement lawyers offer guidance that helps to create an enforceable contract. Rockville premarital agreements attorneys can meet with you to discuss your issues during an initial consultation. Contact our law office at 301-658-7951 or by email. We look forward to addressing your needs, concerns, and goals surrounding your prenuptial agreement.