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Elderly Hunger Rose During Pandemic Crisis

Seniors who suffer from hunger are often overlooked, sometimes even by family. If the older adult is living alone and struggling due to mobility or transportation, it may be easy for them to hide the problem, or for family and caregivers, who are not living with the...

Does Working From Home Affect Homeowners’ Insurance?

Businesses across the country have moved many of their professionals into work-from-home arrangements. That has led to some confusion as to who’s liable and whose insurance will pay out in the case of injury or property damage. Generally speaking, if your business has...

Nursing Home Residents Still Struggling

Because the residents of nursing home and assisted living facilities are particularly at risk due to COVID-19, many of the facilities in our area have enforced strict quarantine measures for residents and limited or stopped all in-person visits from families. This...

Tech Support Scams Harm Elderly Americans

Elderly Americans remain the most vulnerable population to being victimized by scams. This excellent short article from CNBC takes you through a few of the most common scams and briefly explains how and why they happen:...

Legal Issues with Employees Working from Home

There is no employer in this country whose operations were not dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak this Fall. While the coronavirus disrupted the workplace in countless ways, one of the biggest sudden adjustments was the massive increase in employees working remotely from home.

The Silver Alert Program

By now, many of us are familiar with the Amber Alert program for missing children. There is now a Silver Alert program to assist with finding an older adult over the age of 60 who may have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairment and has gone missing....

What All the “Sizing” Means

You’ve probably heard about downsizing, but have you heard about rightsizing and upsizing? Let’s take a look at each and what they all mean for older adults in particular.

Many First-Time Home Buyers Get Help from Family

Contrary to popular opinion, younger homebuyers under the age of 35, generally considered part of the Millennial generation, are interested in buying homes and are now entering the real estate market in greater numbers. Many of these younger buyers receive help from...